Dré Diesel provides a premier real estate service, positioned as a leader in virtually across all states in Australia. His insight, experience, intelligence and resources are an infallible foundation from which investment partners can make informed business decisions.

As a market leader in residential projects in Australia, Dré has a project portfolio totaling over $1.1 billion. From this basis he can provide unparalleled partnership, knowledge, and expertise to investment partners, including highest and best use case studies, residential market research, holistic marketing campaigns and strategic sales through his channel agents. Dré has implemented people and systems to take care of every facet of the residential project cycle. 

Access to industry connections is a vital asset in the real estate industry. Dré holds over 700 strong relationships with channel agents across all states in Australia and uses these ties, along with his industry experience, to work closely with channel agents that sell House + Land in residential projects for him. Dré strives to ensure relationships remains sincere and reliable, offering reliable advice that is uniquely tailored.

Dré’s long standing industry partnerships provide an invaluable resource base for investment partners. A proven track record is a testament to the potential for investment partners to reap the benefits of Dré’s expertise within their residential project investment. It is Dré’s own endeavor and contentment to witness these successes and the subsequent progression of investment partners. Through equipping channel agents with crucial industry knowledge, his services benefit investment partners on current residential projects, whilst laying firm foundations for success in future endeavors.

Dré’s knowledge, expertise and experience in the residential projects space is unrivalled in Australia, and his channel agents are equipped with language skills and property knowledge to handle any enquiry from anywhere in the world.