Property investment may hold the potential to produce high returns on capital, however the property development space is becoming increasingly complex. Expert market insight therefore a crucial aid to any property development endeavours, maximising return and minimising risk.

Dré Diesel holds a devise property development strategy, taking into account broad trends in the property market and investment partners need and objectives to formulate a property development plan. Drawing upon his diverse range of industry experience, Dré’s property development expertise applies to projects of all ranges and sizes. Investment partners have the opportunity to collaborate with Dré and his expertise through navigating development opportunities and consolidating the vision for their project. Utilising his broad network, he is an invaluable aid to the identification and acquisition of ideal sites, property risk management, as well as design and development.

Having formulated a development strategy, Dré works closely with investment partners through every development phase, ensuring a streamlined process and a remarkable end result. Following the project closely up until completion, Dré holds the ethos of ensuring the standard of quality remains constant throughout the full life cycle of the project. Investment partners aim consistently remain paramount, whilst each step of the construction process is meticulously calculated. Through working closely with investment partners, Dré forms a thorough construction strategy and follows its progression closely throughout, ensuring transparency at every stage. Dré ensures that the project remains loyal to cost and time parameters, whilst value for money is maximised. Addressing all pragmatic concerns, while maintaining the integrity of the original project vision, Dré continually exceeds expectations in ensuring a seamless construction process and a stunning outcome.