Dré Diesel works with award-winning Australian builders. Drawing on a wealth of experience, Dré collaborates with builders specialised in building single and double storey dwellings, beautifully designed houses for narrow blocks and dual living, stunning architectural duplexes, townhouse styled villa’s and a boutique selection of terraces.

The principle of quality inside and out drives Dré’s consistency in delivering quality service, quality product and quality finishes through the builders that he works with. Upholding a trusted standard of professionalism, and integrity in all relationships, Dré works closely with builders to consistently exceed expectations. Each individual builder is selected for their standard of expertise, commitment and skill, producing beautiful, high quality, modern homes. This reputation is bolstered by the backing of Australian building leaders that ensures financial stability and industry expertise.

Dré offers a streamlined, straightforward process, with homes suitable for typical lot sizes. For families seeking out a new lifestyle, Dré is committed to making a higher standard of living accessible to families. Dré follows a tried and tested building process, whilst also incorporating thorough research of needs and latest trends. The end result is invariably different and unique homes, ideally suited and leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter them.