Dré Diesel appreciates the value of your personal information and understand that you would like your details to be kept secure. Thus, it may be of interest to you why Dré collects your information, our uses for it, and how Dré ensure security, so you can be confident that your details are safe.

Why does Dré collect his clients’ personal information?

The first purposes for which Dré collects your personal information to suggest products and/or services of interest to you. The second purpose is to identify and suggest similar products and/or services that may be of interest to you. If you would not like to receive such offers, you have full freedom to opt out.

How does Dré keep his clients’ information secure?

As part of Dré’s privacy policy, he is committed to handling all personal information with integrity, and adhering to guidelines set out in the Privacy Act 1988. This includes keeping your information safe from unauthorised parties once it enters his database. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances, he may be compelled to share your information with third parties, such as partner organisations that support his products and/or services, as well as tax authorities which are required by law. In such cases, Dré will inform you of his purpose of disclosure, and ensure both that the other organisation has a privacy policy that reflects his own, and that he has your consent.

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