With access to $100 million in investment partner funds, Dré Diesel is creating opportunities for attainable housing to answer the housing shortage. Collaborating with property owners, local council and investment partners – the point of convergence is repurposing under-utilised land for new housing, help create sustainable communities where families live, shop and work, and bring economic opportunities to the communities.

Formulating strategies for new housing, Dré seeks to establish a housing growth evolved from insightful research and innovative planning. Dré works to promote economic well-being for investment partners, designed to achieve a stable, sustainable response to the goals of investment partners, and the communities.

Dré provides development opportunities to investment partners, and he understands the components required to accurately match land opportunities to the needs of investment partners. Dré’s vast network of land owners – ensures early access to and previews of the best development opportunities available to investment partners.

With experience in diverse residential projects, Dré understands the investment partners requirements are unique and different. This includes a diverse range of residential project types, scopes, locations and durations. Hence, Dré develops a uniquely tailored land acquisition strategy for investment partners, incorporating both a thorough risk assessment and representing investment partners with confidentiality.

Dré Diesel seeks to take advantage of the abundant opportunities evident in the projects, building and construction space. Given that a growing proportion of investment wealth originates from the property market. Dré believes there is a strong potential for real estate agents to reap the benefits as well.

In order to achieve this, Dré serve real estate agents information needs by providing them updates about the state of the property market and relevant advice as they require it. He believes in being realistic, motivated, and true to real estate agent objectives regarding both the present and future, helping them realise their project marketing goals.

The central aspect of Dré’s business consists of both his expertise in what he does and his commitment to providing outstanding solutions. In tying these two aspects together, Dré aims to fulfil the needs of real estate agents in terms of their current and future situations. In both the short and long term, he is devoted to analysing trends in the projects, building and construction space – and breaking down their needs for success.

Furthermore, Dré is also devoted to building close relationships with real estate agents by offering service that is useful and helping, set project marketing targets that are challenging but achievable. Dré hopes to better cater to real estate agents evolving needs by developing himself before sharing his ideas with them.